2017- 2018

I’ve always wanted to shine. I just never knew how. I never knew what kind of shine was best. That is, until I met the eternal members of TV pole shine. They showed me how. I am brighter than ever before. I am leaner. At night I am electric.
-Samantha Van Cortland, Silver Tier Member

I look at the glow and I feel it, feel the glow. I am a beautiful blue woman in those moments. Those are the moments I like best. 5am, still cold outside and blue and beautiful (like me, I’m blue and beautiful). I put on the coffee pot and plant myself six inches in front of my hi-def television to the blue channel, volume full blast. I hum like it hums. “MMMMMMMM,” I go. Until I go, “AAAAAAAAA”. Just open up my mouth and go, “AAAAAAAAA”. When the shine hits my face my throat gets jealous, so I have to let it shine too or I shatter like glass. I start every day this way because it makes me feel good. I learned how on the teevee. Ask your own what it wants you to do, it’ll tell you. And come out to the meetings. All the most beautiful townies go. Us, we all go, “AAAAAAAA”.
-Cathy Bush, Blue Bone Tier Member

Earlier this year I herniated my discs while taking on a heavy load. The doctor recommended that I rest motionless for months. So I did. I slept a lot and when I wasn’t sleeping I was watching TV. I liked it a lot. The TV doesn’t backtalk, or betray. it just asks for love. And I do, I do love it.
"Do you love me?" it asks.
I say, "yes"
"Do you love me?" it asks.
I say, "yes"
"Do you love me?" it asks.
I say "yes"

I say "yes".

(TV, if you’re reading this, I love you.)
-Kai Pan, Blue Bone Tier Member

I ran away early. I ran away fast. I didn’t know where. It didn’t matter to me. My dad had a hard crack with the belt and that was all I needed to know. So I got on the streets. But I wasn’t gonna go and let the streets get into me, you know? A few times a week, I’d sneak into a night class at the community college. Those professors.... Overworked, tired. Come in to class they’re at their desk, all checked out. They don’t care who I am, if I’m enrolled or not. They’re too busy thinking about how they haven’t shared a laugh with their wife in a half decade. Anyway, I’m coming in to Prof. Gilbert’s anthropology class. He’s sitting at the front like always, except this time he’s got a gun on the desk. He says, “don’t none’a you numbskulls move one finger. Nuh uh, not a one. Don’t.” I’ve always between a smart alec. I take a pencil in my fist and make it look like I’m flipping him off. POW! He pops me in the gut with a mean slug. The rest is a haze. They get me to the hospital, I guess. I don’t know. Next real memory I have is I’m waking up inside a TV. My mouth’s full of cotton balls. I can’t move my legs. I feel this stabbing in my gut and my groin. And I don’t know why, but I go up to the little projector in the TV and I just push my wound against it, thinking maybe it’ll be cold. I’m shocked, literally shocked. I wake up in the hospital bed, electrical burns all over the bullet wound. I see two surgeons standing above me MOUTHS GAPPING. They tell me that I’ve been legally dead for 38 hours. Wow. Prof. Gilbert comes by couple days later to apologize. I’m smirking at him. He’s smirking at me. I tell him about the TV. His mouth DROPS. He tells me about a group he’s in, just a bunch of good guys who know what the shine in the TV can really do. I joined up right there.
-Rick Bradford, Salt Tier Member

I like groups because groups like me. Define a group of people and I will demand to be included. So you can imagine that when I heard about TV poleshine I felt the vague frustration that I’ve felt a thousand times before, like a horse in my chest pulling me toward membership. It was simple enough to join. And while I have enjoyed my time in this group, I have joined countless other groups during this time as well. I would recommend every group.
-Joao Parada, Hatchling Tier Member